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About us

RF Venue was co-founded in late 2009 by Chris Regan and Bob Crowley as an incubator project within Bob’s R&D company Soundwave Research Laboratories of Ashland, MA.  Chris and Bob had previously launched and exited a wired microphone company called Crowley and Tripp Microphones, acquired by Shure Inc. in 2009.

The regulatory landscape for wireless spectrum will continue to undergo significant changes as more wireless devices compete for less available spectrum.  Wireless microphones, in-ear monitors, two-way radios and other live event wireless systems are adversely affected by this spectrum crowding trend.  RF Venue began developing a range of products within the commercial sound equipment industry to reduce signal dropouts and interference for all brands of wireless audio equipment.  Dropouts and interference problems have been pervasive for wireless audio systems since their introduction in the 1970s and the deployment of this equipment has always been challenging for live and installed sound system professionals and their clients.  

After a period of R&D, beta testing, and market research, in 2011 the company began marketing a range of patented wireless products that fall into three categories: Antennas (transmitting and capturing signals), Distribution (moving those signals around), and Software (visualizing the RF spectrum using a combination of hardware and software).

The company markets its products through a network of authorized dealers that fall into three primary market segments:  Live Sound (music, theater, staging and equipment rental), Installed Sound (corporate A/V, houses of worship, government), and Broadcast (location and studio TV/Film/Sports).  In 2015 RF Venue reached an agreement for exclusive distribution in the EMEA region with Shure Europe, and has added distribution partners in Asia, Latin America, and South America.  RF Venue also manages a popular blog called Audio Gloss, which covers wireless audio topics of interest, including technical walkthroughs, videos, infographics, FCC regulatory updates, and interviews with industry experts.