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Shipping Info

All orders will be shipped UPS Ground Domestic unless otherwise specified.  

Please contact us if you need expedited or international shipping.

Overweight orders and backorders where "Multiple deliveries if out of stock" is chosen at checkout may be subject to additional shipping charges, we will bill you for this separately.  Charges will vary based on the actual shipping costs.  

We consider any order over 25 lbs. to be overweight. See below for approximate shipping weights (weights in the Specifications tabs on the product pages are in ounces and dimensions are in inches).

  • Diversity Fin:  2lbs
  • CP Beam:  3lbs
  • 2.4 GHz CP Beam:  1lb 2oz
  • RF Spotlight:  3lbs 8oz
  • CX-22:  2lbs
  • RG8X-25:  1lb
  • RG8X-50:  2lbs
  • Distro4:  9lbs
  • Combine 4:  8lbs
  • RackPro:  7lbs
  • Diversity Fin Distro4 Bundles:  15lbs
  • Combine4 CP Beam Bundle:  15lbs
  • Optix Single Channel: 2lbs
  • Optix Dual Channel:  4lbs
  • In-Line Amplifier:  10oz
  • 2x1 Splitter:  8oz